McDonald's Tests 'Build-Your-Own-Burger' Concept

McDonald's is embracing the idea of customization for their burgers.

Locations in Southern California and Illinois have been testing out a new build-your-own-burgers concept, where customers can select ingredients from an iPad-based menu, according to Orange County Register.

More than 20 toppings and sauces are offered, including guacamole, caramelized onions, Applewood smoked bacon and creamy garlic sauce, all of which are served on a char-grilled Quarter Pounder patty.

There are also three specialty burgers with set ingredients: the SoCal, Hot All Over and Grill Thriller burgers.

The SoCal has white cheddar cheese, chili-lime tortilla strips, tomato, lettuce and garlic sauce; Hot All Over has pepper jack cheese, sliced jalapeños, lettuce, tomato and spicy mayo; Grill Thriller has Applewood smoked bacon, white cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, mushrooms and barbecue sauce.

All burgers are served open-face in an aluminum basket and retail for $5.79.

With places like Chipotle and Subway that allow customers to pick what types of ingredients go into their sandwich or burrito, it's no surprise that McDonald's seems to be catching onto this trend. Burger places like Five Guys offer customized burgers, and have proven to be successful. This is definitely a different look for McDonald's, and it looks like it could work.