McDonald's Has 10 Million Extra Pounds Of Mighty Wings

Who wants 10 million pounds of wings? McDonald's might have a big-time disaster on its hands, as a whopping 10 million pounds of Mighty Wings are currently sitting in cold storage, with no takers.

As the chain was ramping up to release the wings as a limited-time offer this summer, they put in an order for 50 million pounds to be distributed to outposts throughout the country. But now the "limited time" has come to an end, and they're left with 20 percent of their original order.

This nightmare certainly qualifies as one of McDonald's biggest all-time flops, and it's largely due to three factors: one, the wings were selling for about $1 a piece, making them quite expensive; two, most people already know what they're going to order when they walk into a McDonald's and just don't associate the chain with wings; and three, while they were tasty they were just too spicy for some.

So what's next? The chain is planning another promotion soon, according to the Wall Street Journal, where they'll be selling three wings for $2.99. Doesn't quite look like a fire sale, though, does it?