McDonald’s France Introduces the McCamembert

McDonald’s France uses renowned French cheeses in their new burger collection


McDonald’s France is really going above and beyond with their new selection of cheeseburgers; they've decided to use “gourmet” French cheese atop of the thin beef patties instead of the go-to orange American slice.

The “McCamembert,” a new McDonald’s burger with two slices of Camembert cheese, greens, and special “fromagère fondue” on top of a ciabatta bun, was released this week in France. This new French-inspired burger is only one of the four burgers that comprise McDonald’s France’s new collection, “Les Grandes Envies de Fromages (literally translating to “The Great Cheese Desire”). Along with France’s beloved Camembert, the new collection also consists of burgers topped with the French cheeses Comte, Chevre (goat cheese), and Raclette.

As French citizens watch their most beloved delicacies become part of the new €4.50 burgers, it is no surprise that they are not too thrilled about this new collection of fast-food sandwiches. Many also believe that the new McDonald’s commercial truly undermines the hard work that goes into making French cheese.

According to The Australian, French cheese makers “feel used” because they were not informed before the new line of sandwiches was released. Cheese maker Patrick Mercier even went so far as to state that the Camembert used in the McCamembert is "as bottom of the market as you can get.”

Time will only tell how McDonald’s France’s six-week endeavor will unfold, but it is definitely clear that the McCamembert has been off to a rough start.

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