May-May's Tapsi

Best Food In Town reviews the food at May-May's Tapsi in the Philippines.

Here in the Philippines, one of the most famous dishes is called Tapsilog or Tapsi for short. A lot are saying that the best Tapsi can be found in Tagaytay. But for me, the best there is just in the heart of Manila — Taguig City. May-May's Tapsi, a family owned business, managed by the Intengan Family.

The eatery is clean, but not that spacious, since it's situated in front of their house. The ambience is relaxing, It's as if you're one of their guests and you're eating with them. The best part is that you'll feel that you're part of the family, for the servers are either the owner's daughters, or the husband.

Anyway, about the tapsilog, or tapsi — it's very delicious. It's different from those tapa (dried or cured beef) that we normally eat. It's tender maybe because it's made using a pressure cooker, then cooked in a pan when you order. The meat melts in your mouth and it tastes like heaven! What's more is that it's good bang for the buck, as it costs just a dollar.

They also know how to handle their customers, and they serve different kinds of dishes too. Like chiksi (chicken, fried rice, and egg); bangsi (milk fish, fried rice, and egg); and porksi (pork, fried rice, and egg). Their eatery is located near Taguig Municipal Hall, and if you happen to be in the Philippines for a vacation, you must visit it. May-May's Tapsi serves the Best Tapsi In Town!

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