Maximus / Minimus: Pulled Pork from a Big Metal Pig

Pulled Pork from a Big Metal Pig

If you have any interest in American street food, you’ve likely seen a photo somewhere of Kurt Beecher Dammeier’s iconic Maximus/Minimus Seattle food truck. What started out as a small storefront became a catering truck (named after his son Max), which with some help from local designer Colin Reedy, morphed into a giant, distressed metal gray pig complete with snout and perked-up ears. (The design was enough to rank Maximus/Minimus among The Daily Meal’s Most Outrageous Food Trucks.)

But let’s not be distracted by form over substance. There’s a very basic menu — just about four or so options including grilled chicken, posole and pork, and a "Max & Cheese." But the flagship is the truck’s inspiration pulled pork, which started as braised pork with a barbecue sauce developed at Dammeier’s restaurant Bennett’s. There are two versions of the sandwich, the MAXImus (made with hot and spicy peppers, onions, and fruit juices) and the miniMUS (sweet and tangy with tamarind, honey, and molasses).

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