Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger on Los Angeles' Food Trucks

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We talk to the Border Grill chefs about their truck and the quality of truck food
Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger on LA's Food Trucks

We talk to the Border Grill chefs about their truck and the quality of truck food

Cooking on the Border Grill Food Truck
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Mary Sue Milliken cooking

Los Angeles has always been a city for driving, but now even restaurants are hitting the road! Food trucks have been around LA for a long time, but the quality of food trucks has risen in recent years due to small startup trucks as well as larger restaurants getting in on the mobility trend. We spoke to Border Grill’s Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger about how they came to add a food truck to the ranks of their three Border Grill restaurants.

Feniger’s take is that "the food that we’ve always been most inspired by is on the street... But what’s happened in the last four years is that there’s been this huge influx of upscale trucks, which has pushed the level of trucks up anyway," she says. Milliken concurs, noting that the change for trucks has been the increase in accessibility to higher quality food. "There are pockets all over the city where people are trapped," she says. "They’re not close to restaurants and they can’t get away from work... So the trucks can come and actually bring fantastic handmade tortillas, and our meats are all raised without antibiotics or hormones. You know, really fantastic food where you might otherwise be stuck eating something you didn’t want."

For more watch the video above or go to the Border Grill website to locate the truck and the restaurant locations. You can also check out Feniger’s newest spot STREET.

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