Martin Picard's Ham and Pickled Ramp Recipe and More

In this week's Recipe Review, matzo recipes, plus oven-baked lamb

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Check out our editor's picks for this week's top food section recipes.

NY Mag

• Trout season is upon us; celebrate with April Bloomfield's smoked trout and potato salad.

LA Times

• Upgrade your matzo ball soup — herb-infused kneidlach (matzo) with a chile-garlic relish will kick off some taste buds on Passover.

NY Times

• A new way to eat eggs: poached, with mint and yogurt.

SF Chronicle

Chocolate-covered matzo sprinkled with sea salt makes the perfect end to any Seder.


• Have you gotten your fill of carrots today? Spice up the orange veggie in a Turkish salad, made with cumin seeds, garlic, and mint.

Chicago Tribune

• Egg whites are the heart of this pineapple pie with meringue, a sweet and fluffy dessert.

Seattle Times

• A traditional Greek dish, this oven-baked lamb recipe has a hint of rosemary, lemon, and garlic, served with a side of potatoes.

Portland Press Herald

• Throw some edamame into an orange tofu stir-fry for a veggie-filled — and tasty — meal.

Washington Post

• Just in time for your Easter ham, this roasted ham recipe includes a honey mustard glaze for a sweet and spicy taste.

Wall Street Journal


• Martin Picard shares his recipe for ham and pickled ramp tartines, perfect on a French baguette.