Marshmallow Eggs Recalled in Salmonella Scare

Easter candy tested positive for Salmonella

An Indiana-based candy maker started recalling boxes of Easter candy on Wednesday after a box of chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs tested positive for Salmonella. But it announced today that it was wrong about the Salmonella, and all the eggs are actually safe for human consumption.

Zachary Confections said it found Salmonella on a routine post-production test on February 24, and on February 27 announced a voluntary recall of all 5-ounce packages of its chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs, Health AIM reported.

According to NBC Chicago, the FDA is looking for the source of the contamination, and Zachary Confections said it would halt production of the chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs until they figure out what caused the contamination and take care of it.

Nobody was sickened, and the company says it voluntarily recalled the marshmallow eggs in “an abundance of caution” and that none of the company’s other products were implicated in the contamination or included in the recall.

On Saturday, Zachary Confections announced that a third-party testing lab had re-tested the sample that caused the recall and said that it was not contaminated with Salmonella after all.


“All products are now confirmed not to contain Salmonella and are safe for consumption,” Zachary Confections said in a bold face, underlined statement on the company's website