Marshall Is Still Winning The Headphone Game With Super Cool Customizable Over-Ear Monitor

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Rock music-themed headphones are more popular than ever but before another new trendy model comes out, let's direct our focus to Marshall's over-ear Monitor headphones. Designing a lifestyle just as much as they do their iconic guitar amps, this brand is usually pinpointed the moment someone walks into a room. To be honest, most guests spot the Stanmore sitting in my living room before they even notice the giant plastic T-Rex head hung above the mantel (true story), and that's because Marshall is synonymous with cool. But before they launched their on-ear Major and in-ear Minor models in 2010, headphones were uncharted territory for them—territory which they've seem to have perfected with their over-ear Monitor set. (Sure, Marshall released Monitor last year, but we're still obsessed and that's saying something.)