Marion Cunningham's Baking Powder Biscuits and More Recipes

In today's Recipe Review, perfect chicken rice, plus cheesy arancini with polenta

Check out our editors' picks for this week's top food section recipes.

LA Times
Honor Marion Cunningham by baking up her classic baking powder biscuits, instead of buying the gross frozen variety.

NY Times
Ceviche is always in style for summer, especially with tostadas and avocado.

SF Chronicle
Try out trendy arancini balls at home, made with polenta and dipped in aioli.

Borscht livens up with some ginger and sweet potato.

Chicago Tribune
How to use chips, papers, and planks to smoke your food perfectly.

Seattle Tribune
Host an old-school party with this retro shrimp macaroni salad appetizer.

Kitchen Daily
Whip up some steak béarnaise and jazz it up with some sweet-potato straws to impress your guests.

Portland Press Herald
A perfect galette crust for any pastry needs this summer.

Washington Post
Gorgeous celeriac purée works wonders with a light halibut summer dish.

Wall Street Journal
MasterChef Australia's Adam Liaw shares his death row dish — a Hainanese chicken rice for the soul.