Mario Batali Settles Lawsuit and More News

In today’s Media Mix, New York City hospitals try to ban junk food, plus alcohol screening for adults
Arthur Bovino

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Mario Batali’s Del Posto Settles Lawsuit: After workers filed a lawsuit accusing the restaurant of depriving them of tips and overtime, the restaurant has settled for $1.5 million, plus paid vacation and sick days. [WSJ]

New York City Hospitals Plan Junk Food Ban: Mayor Bloomberg is at it again, trying to banish junk food from both public and private hospitals in the city. [WSJ]

Alcohol Screening for All Adults?: A new government proposal suggests that all adults undergo alcohol screenings to help those who aren’t alcoholics, but still drink excessively. [Reuters Health]

Food Addicts Can 'Re-Train' Appetites: A new book suggests that those addicted to sugar, fats, and other junk foods can "re-train" the brain to detox the body. [ABC News]

Dunkin’ Donuts 'Willy Wonka': A fascinating interview with the executive chef at Dunkin’ Donuts, Stan Frankenthaler, where he chats about failed donuts (i.e. the apple caramel donut) and their customers. [Businessweek]