Mario Batali Really Doesn't Like Non-Food People Judging His Cooking

He tells The Atlantic's Corby Kummer that he left 'Iron Chef America' because of 'skinny little actresses'

Mario Batali

At The Atlantic's third annual Food Summit, Martha Stewart chatted about sustainabiltiy and the glass ceiling, while Mario Batali ranted against Iron Chef America. The latter discussion, which is infinitely more quotable, had Batali spouting off gems against actresses on The O.C. and actors who aren't chefs.

When asked about why he stopped competing on Iron Chef, Batali prefaced the following rant with "I loved Iron Chef, I had a blast, we rarely lost." But then he started talking about the judges.

"When they had judges like you [Corby Kummer] and Jeff Steingarten and Dana Cowin and Ed Levine, people whose opinion I felt merited the ability to criticize my food, that's one thing," he said. "But when all of a sudden you get these skinny little actresses from a show called The O.C. and they're saying they don't like raw fish, I'm like, 'F*ck you, why are you talking about my food? Who let you in this room?'... So that's when I got out of it."

Watch his full argument below.