Marijuana Cake Hospitalizes 10

A university student in Madrid wanted to celebrate his birthday with a special celebration, but the marijuana-enhanced birthday cake one of his friends brought wound up sending 10 people to the hospital.

According to The Local, a party full of 19- to 22-year-old students at Madrid's Alfonso X University decided to partake of a cannabis-filled birthday cake that one young man had brought from his village. The cake was allegedly served with copious amounts of alcohol. But not long after cutting into it, the partygoers started to show adverse symptoms including euphoria and a faster than normal heart rate. One of the students was so badly affected by the cannabis cake that paramedics said he went into a coma and was found unresponsive at the party. 9 other partygoers also had to be hospitalized.

"One of them brought [the cake] from his village," said dean José Domínguez de Posada.

The students recovered and will be questioned by the Spanish Civil Guard, in addition to facing sanctions from the university.

"There's no way an incident of this caliber will go unpunished," the dean said.