Maria Sharapova Shilling Gummy Candies

The tennis star is releasing a line of candy, fittingly called 'Sugarpova'

While soccer star David Beckham might use his fame to create statues of himself wearing underwear to place around cities, tennis star Maria Sharapova has decided to launch a line of fancy candy.

The line, called Sugarpova, debuted today at Henri Bendel and It'sugar locations in New York.

"I wanted to own something — something 100 percent me. Where I make all the final decisions; here I'm involved from start to finish; where I was bringing in my own people I want to work with and investing my own money," Sharapova told USA Today. "I wanted fun and young and nothing too serious. That's how it came about with candy."

Sharapova's candies are mostly gummy-based, with sweet gummies, sour gummies, gumballs, and soft chews. All are bedecked with an illustration of lips, and most have some sort of cheeky name (Cheeky being one of them, as well as Sassy Sour and Flirty).

Gumballs shaped like tennis balls, plus gummies shaped like high-heeled shoes, are all part of the super-girly collection, and 5 ounces goes for $5.99 (four bags for $19.99). No word on how much of these Sharapova actually eats a day, but looking at Olympian's diets, she could probably eat as much as she wanted. The Daily Meal staff on the other hand? That's another story.