Margaritas Of All Kinds

Warm weather is here and that means margarita time is upon us. But which margarita is best?

Purists would say there aren't even such things as different types of margaritas — stick to the classic and be done with it; don't mess with something as iconic as a margarita. For those who are a bit more experimental, though, there are countless ways to alter and shape a flavored margarita. And beach-goers of all stripes might make the argument that with summer approaching, there's little in the world that is more refreshing than a frozen margarita.

Now, we here at The Daily Meal are equal opportunity margarita lovers. Who can say no to tequila and lime in any almost variation? With this in mind we went to Milago Tequila's Jamie Salas to show us how to properly make margaritas of  all types. The key in any context is always balance — you want to make sure that whatever ingredients you are using have the perfect proportions.

So for those of you who want to try all three versions, we have advice and recipes for every context. Watch the video above to get your classic margarita recipe and then click on the photos below to learn Salas' recipe for a Berry Basil Margarita and a Frozen Margarita.


Frozen Margarita


Flavored Margarita