Chef Marco Pierre White’s Wife Pleads Guilty to Blood Graffiti

Chef's estranged wife damages house, car

British celebrity chef Marco Pierre White never seemed like the type to marry someone shy and retiring, but somehow it’s still surprising that his wife pled guilty last week to a list of insanities that included decorating her estranged husband’s hallway with her own blood.

White and Matilde Conejero were married in 2000 after eight years and three children together. They filed for divorce in 2007, but they stopped the divorce in 2011 after having run up £3 million (over $4.8 million) in legal costs during the proceedings, according to the Daily Mail.

But just because they’re still technically married doesn’t mean everything is rosy over there. According to the proceedings, last May Conejero showed up at White’s home, where she smashed the front and back windshields of his Range Rover to pieces with a child’s scooter. When that didn’t entice him to answer the doorbell, she used nail polish and her own blood to write insulting graffiti on the walls of the hallway in front of his door.

She originally pleaded not guilty, but later changed her plea when prosecutors refused to drop the charges. Also, there were many witnesses.


Sentencing is scheduled for later this month, but the judge indicated that Conejero would not face jail time.