Marc by Marc Jacobs FTW Spring 2014: Sparkle and Shine In The Coming Seasons


I feel as if I should preface this by expressing my undying love for Marc Jacobs. In my eyes he can do no wrong. Since I first became conscious of fashion to this day he's always been THE man. So while I've been patiently counting down the days for the Marc by Marc Jacobs runway show, waiting to see what I'll be coveting this year, the Spring 2014 collection yesterday at New York Fashion week was a little hit or miss—not that I won't be scooping up one of those glittery star dresses.
Geometric prints in black and pastel shades were the first looks out on the runway. Colorful dresses, trousers and playsuits hung off the models in a devil-may-care way that matched the funky punk music blaring as they walked.
Pantsuits in baby blue, petal pink and gray were paired on both male and females in the same soft fabrics and casual tailoring.
Metallic materials owned the runway in the form of skirts, jackets, shoes and coats that will mostly likely fly off the racks come spring.
While a few garments are reminiscent of cheerleading uniforms and high school throwbacks, most are unique, new and have that adolescent awkwardness that connects Jacobs so well with a younger audience.
Sparkle and shine was so prevalent in this collection that every piece felt hit with lurex, satin and sequins, even the man bags (that's a thing) and sneakers every model wore (no heels in this show) were sporting a metallic sheen.
And although every garment looked ready to blur the lines between a sweet spring and punk-rock party, it was the makeup and hair that helped push it into ready-to-rock territory. Harsh electric blue eyeshadow covered the lids of models while their strands were knotted to their necks by scarves, giving the entire show the look of cool carelessness that Jacobs is so very, very good at it.