Mara Hoffman RTW Spring 2014: Bringing Colors and Bold Patterns Back to Fashion Week


There has to be a breaking point for all this black we're seeing. Did Anna Wintour send out a quick tweet letting every designer know black was going to be the color of the season? If so, I don't think Mara Hoffman got the message. Her Spring 2014 collection is so saturated with color that it makes every other runway show seem cold and unfeeling in comparison. Why would you want dark florals when you can wear a literal rainbow on your dress? The answer is—you wouldn't. Tie-dye, tribal patterns and island-inspired relaxation brings this collection together so well, you'll wish you were on a hammock in the Caribbean.
Moving to some of the most cheerful music I've heard during fashion week, the models in Mara Hoffman's show walked happily, strutting down the catwalk in floor-skimming dresses, one-piece swimwear and more than a few flowing garments. And while I'm sure this collection didn't encompass every color, it got pretty close, even including a few black pieces, with the dark hue only serving to accent the neon chartreuse and pink trimmings. "There's a Rainbow Warrior moment happening here," she told Style backstage pre-show. "This collection is about straight-up happiness. I know that sounds hippie-dippie, but it's real." My parents may have grown up as hippies, but personally, I've never been one for tie-dye. And while I can say with certainty I'll never wear it, I can also say with that same degree of conviction that her tie-dye piece looked good.
Dresses that flowed with a certain tribal-princess distinction were decked out with patterns of snakes, Guatemalan fabrics and rainbows. Actual rainbows. There's no mistaking that archway of color. Every piece is about a moment of joy caught in bright hues, beauty and lightness. And while the collection may not be for everyone's closet, the giddy feeling of life and fun (as well as those über, on trend twin-tail braids), is something we can all wear throughout the year.