Manhattan Taco Spot Tehuitzingo to Undergo Extensive Renovations

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Expect more taqueria and less bodega
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Tehuitzingo will undergo renovations next month.

The owners of Tehuitzingo, one of New York’s most renowned bodega-bound taquerias, are planning on shutting down and remodeling their Hells Kitchen location. The shop, which has a grocery in the front and a small kitchen in the back, will undergo renovations next month to expand their taqueria space, an employee told The Daily Meal.

Although the official plans are still in the works, it looks like Tehuitzingo is in for a huge overhaul. They “may get rid of the deli” and turn their place into a restaurant, the employee told us. They get more sales from their taqueria than from their grocery section, he said, so they plan to make more room for the kitchen and for people to sit and enjoy their tacos.

Tehuitzingo looks like it will become a “more formal, sit-down place with waiters,” according to the employee, who added, “We might also add traditional dishes [to the menu], ones you’ll find in small town Mexico, like torta ahogada [a Mexican sandwich with pork and spicy chile de árbol sauce].”

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If all goes to plan, the renovations should take two to three months, and we’ll see more taqueria and less bodega.