Manhattan Restaurants Fight For Al Fresco Space

Space is limited in New York City, what else is new. The fight for space however is heating up as Lugi Liselli's, (owner of Max Restaurant) application for outdoor dining space was unanimously denied by the Community Board 1's Tribeca Committee.

The committee has a longstanding policy against outdoor seating on side streets, but Liselli notes several restaurants that have been approved for their outdoor dining space despite the committee's "active" policy.

"I walked through the neigborhood and photographed restaurants that have been granted their request" say Liselli "I am not only a restaurant owner, I am a citizen of the Tribeca area and feel that it is unfair."

The committee claims to adhere to zoning restrictions, which influences the approval for outdoor dining space. Sidewalk space is premium property in Manhattan, which is apparent as the city has even begun to crackdown on oversized street carts.

Despite the difficulty of obtaining sidewalk space, Liselli plans to keep in his pursuit by taking his application to the Department of Consumer Affairs, who will hear his case on July 18.

He says " the committee can only make a recommendation for the outdoor space, the city will have the final word."