Man Tries to Win Woman’s Heart With 999 Pomelos

A man arranged 999 pomelos into the shape of a heart, but left with his broken

Wikimedia/Susan Slater

A young man in Guangzhou tried to win a woman's heart with 999 pomelos, but she was unmoved by the generous pile of citrus fruit. 

If the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach, one young man in China this week thought he’d come up with a brilliant way to get a woman to like him: Giving her a thousand pomelos. Unfortunately for him, though, the woman was not swayed by the generous gift of a huge number of citrus fruits, and she turned him down.

According to Shanghaiist, the young man had been pining after one of his female friends for over a year. Rather than confess his feelings earlier, he decided to hold off and build up to a grand, romantic, very public gesture. So this week he acquired 999 pomelos, which are her favorite fruit, and arranged them into the shape of a giant heart in the middle of a crowded shopping center. When the woman showed up, he presented her with a bunch of heart-shaped balloons, a bouquet of roses, and a performance of a song he had written for her.

While the hundreds of people gathered in the shopping center were surely rooting for him, the young woman seemed a bit overwhelmed by the huge display. In the end, she said she’d prefer it if they just stayed friends.

The assembled audience members did not get to see a new love story blossom, but they did get to leave with a bunch of free pomelos. If you wind up with some extra pomelos on your hands, check out our best pomelo recipes for some ideas of what to do with them.