Media Mix: The Man Who Ate Los Angeles, Racist Cupcakes, And Bobby Flay's New Burger Palace

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This Guy Ate at Every Restaurant in Los Angeles: Sean Robins decided to try every restaurant in Zagat's LA survey, and it took him 14 years to get through all 2,000 or so restaurants. That's an average of 142 new restaurants a year, which isn't too bad all things considered. [Eatocracy]

Texas Turns Down Free "Last Meals": A former Texas inmate who now runs a restaurant offered to cook free "last meals" for the state prison system. Officials said thanks, but no thanks, saying that ending the "last meal" policy was more about the concept than the cost. [LA Times]

Racist Cupcakes Spark Controversy: Up at UC Berkeley, the Campus Republicans hosted a racist "Increase Diversity Bake Sale" to comment on affirmative action. "The group listed the price for a pastry at $2 for white students, $1.50 for Asian students, $1 for Latinos, 75 cents for African-Americans and 25 cents for Native Americans. Women of all races were promised a 25-cent discount." [NYT]

World's First Vegan Strip Club: It's called Caso Diablo in Portland. Most of the dancers are vegetarian or vegan, and all of the food is meat- and dairy-free. According to The Guardian: "The naked women draw the men in, says [the owner], which, in turn, means they will learn to love vegan food." We're pretty sure that's not how it works, but hey, PETA's trying it. [The Guardian]

Bobby's Burger Palace Goes to College: Flay's second outpost will be located in Varsity at College Park, a student housing community near the University of Maryland. [Washington Post]

Coffee Lessens Depression for Women: Another good thing about coffee: Women who drink caffeinated coffee are less likely to be depressed. [CNN]

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