Man Tries to Feed Zoo Tiger With Terrible Results

Zoogoer brought a bag of rice to feed the tigers

A zoogoer who wanted to feed some tigers got off lucky, in large part because they had just eaten.

A zoogoer at a zoo in Sichuan yesterday made several critical errors in his attempt to share his food with some of the zoo animals. The main mistake was probably that he chose to eat with the tigers, but thinking the tigers would be distracted by the bag full of rice he brought them was probably his second big error.

According to Shanghaiist, the 20-year-old man is luckily alive and not seriously hurt after his tiger adventure, but zookeepers say it could have gone much worse for him. The man climbed the fence of the Bengal tiger enclosure yesterday with a bag full of rice to give the tigers. When he landed in the enclosure, he started jumping around and shouting so much that one of the tigers actually decided to back off and leave him alone. A braver tiger caught the man from behind and dragged him around the enclosure by his sweatshirt as though he were a cat toy.

Zookeepers managed to rescue the man right away, and he escaped without being seriously injured. When questioned by police, the man said he “simply wanted to feed the tigers.”

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Luckily for the man, zookeepers said the tigers had just been fed a large amount of meat before the incident occurred.