Man Sues Popeyes For Racial Discrimination

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is under fire after an African-American man sued the company, claiming that he was racially discriminated, according to Philly Mag.

Philadelphia resident Seven Speller visited the Popeyes location at the food court at The Gallery in Center City, Philadelphia in March, only to be shortchanged when he paid for his meal.

Although Speller paid with a $20, which showed up on the receipt, he only received change for a $10 bill, Philly Mag reports. When he questioned the cashier (who was not African-American), she said she did not remember receiving the $20 bill, despite the accurate receipt.

The cashier then called her manager over, who Speller notes was also not African-American. Instead of honoring the receipt, however, the manager decided to count the cash register. When Speller asked the manager why he did not regard the receipt, the manager said, "This is how we're dealing with you, the receipt means nothing."

The manager then reportedly tried to "snatch" the receipt away, and when Speller told the manager that his actions were unfair and racist, another non-African-American employee said that he had called the police, telling Speller, "Get away from here and never come back."

Mall security and police showed up and took statements to file a report. Although the incident ended there, Speller is now suing the fried chicken franchise in federal court, and has yet to be repaid.