Man Strip-Searched Over Snickers Bar

7-Eleven employees caught on camera wrestling shoplifter
Wikimedia/FightinG FalcoN

Clerks at a 7-Eleven in Brooklyn let loss prevention get way out of hand this week, wrestling a suspected shoplifter and stripping off his clothes over a single stolen Snickers bar. Since this is 2012, the incident was recorded and the resulting Internet video has gone viral.

When the man, 29-year-old David Golson, attempted to leave the store, two employees grabbed him and dragged him back inside. According to CBS, they pulled his jacket, shirt, and pants off, and even pulled up his boxers, giving him a wedgie. Golson shouted, “I don’t have nothing else! Relax, man! What are you fighting me for?”

At one point during the fight, another shopper yelled, “This is ridiculous – for some Snickers? This guy has no clothes on … will somebody call the police?”

“We are shutting this store down!” said the man videotaping the altercation. “You’d better not come over here. It’s on camera. You’re attacking somebody. You’re attacking him.”

The police eventually did show up, and they arrested Golson, who was later charged with robbery, assault, criminal mischief, and criminal possession of stolen property. None of the employees were arrested, but one was fired and the other two have been ordered to retake a training course. 

A company spokeswoman told theNew York Post she was "horrified by the video."

“We do not condone restraining any customer," she said. 


According to Gothamist, the 7-Eleven on Flatbush Avenue near the Barclays Center is used for employee training.