Man Gets Chopstick Stuck In Arm For Solid Month Before Noticing

Minor injuries are not unheard of after a night of drinking with one's friends, but usually they're the sort of thing one discovers upon waking in the morning. One man, however, managed to get nearly an entire chopstick embedded in his arm on a night out with his friends, and somehow he did not notice it for an entire month.

According to Shanghaiist, the man was out with his friends on what must have been an extreme night of carousing. At some point during the evening, he even managed to stab himself in the arm with a disposable wooden chopstick. That would put an end to most people's festivities, but the man just shook it off, pulled what he thought was the chopstick out of his arm, tossed some cleaner on it, and went on with his night.

The man did not, however, notice that what he'd pulled out of his arm was much smaller than the normal chopsticks he'd been eating his dinner with. A month later, when the wound had gotten too gross for him to continue ignoring, he went to the hospital, where doctors were horrified to pull a 4-inch piece of chopstick out of his arm, where it had been lodged for a month.