Man Eats At More Than 6,000 Chinese Restaurants And More News

The Daily Meal rounds up the biggest news in the food world.

Man Eats at Every Los Angeles Chinese Restaurant: David R. Chan, a man who cannot speak Chinese or use chopsticks, has eaten at more than 6,000 Chinese restaurants, complete with a spreadsheet documenting his reviews. He's only missing two restaurants in the Los Angeles area, "due to low interest." [LA Weekly]

Starbucks Shares Slide: After news hit that Starbucks is buying the San Francisco bakery La Boulange brand, the coffee chain's shares dropped 4 percent. [Forbes]

'Edible Stop Signs' Help People to Eat Healthy: A new study found that adding in red chips every seventh or 14th chip made subjects eat 50 percent less than the norm. [New York Daily News]

Taste for Junk Food May Start at Womb: Sadly, another study found that pregnant rats who were fed a high-fat and sugar diet often had offspring predisposed to obesity (due to a high-fat diet). [Fox News]

Foodzie Sells: Gourmet marketplace and subscription service Foodzie was bought by Joyus, a video eCommerce site. [TechCrunch]