Man Eats Only Raw Meat For 5 Years

This man has eaten raw meat for the past five years. But before you get too grossed out, it actually saved his life.

According to Vice, Derek Nance of Lexington, Ky., developed an illness that brought up anything that he ate. He tried all sorts of diets, from no wheat and dairy to Mediterranean. Then, he stumbled upon the Palaeolithic diet, but was only interested in the raw meat aspect of it.

Apparently, not only can people live off raw meat, but it's actually healthy. Organ meat contains a lot of vitamin C, which is necessary to avoid scurvy, and rotten meat is probiotic. The enzymes help Nance digest his food, which was a problem before he started this diet.

Nance slaughters his own animals and prefers that to eating factory-farmed meat filled with antibiotics. He has also recently become a butcher at farm that he gets his meat from. Of course, he gets to snack on the leftover meats.

Funny enough, Nance's girlfriend is a vegetarian for compassion reasons. But somehow, she understands that she this diet is necessary for his health.

Although it does seem a bit strange to think that someone could live off raw meat, we're glad to see that he has found a diet that works.