Man Deported After Ramen-Inspired Airplane Assault

He freaked out thanks to ramen that didn’t meet his standards

Chalk this one up as a true oddity: A Korean businessman was prevented from entering the United States because he apparently pitched a fit after being served ramen during his flight from Korea that didn’t meet his standards. He assaulted a crew member, and was turned over to the authorities as soon as the plane landed.

According to RocketNews24, it all began when the man, who’s reportedly a high-ranking executive at Posco, Korea’s largest iron manufacturer, was served a bowl of ramen on his flight from Seoul to Los Angeles last weekend. He called over a crew member to voice his displeasure, and was promptly brought a new bowl. But this one was too salty and not cooked enough, in his opinion, and that’s when he, who had already complained about crew members bumping into him and the onboard temperature, flipped out. After telling off the crew member, the man allegedly slapped him across the face with a magazine.

After the plane landed, he was handed off to federal authorities, who gave him the option of staying and being arrested or returning immediately to South Korea. He chose the latter option.

While his exact identity is still under wraps, the South Korean online community has widely condemned the man’s actions and will most likely be able to dig it up sooner or later.


But let this serve as a warning: When served shoddy ramen on a plane, don’t slap the crew because of it.