Man Attempts to Visit Every Starbucks in New York City

'Are all Starbucks created equal?' he asks

Taking Starbucks addiction to a whole new level, one New Yorker has vowed to try every Starbucks in the city within a year, and blog about it, obviously.

Looking at the question, "Are all Starbucks created equal?" John McCourt, self-professed Starbucks addict, is planning on visiting 201 Starbucks in Manhattan. "It is my theory that Starbucks can serve as a guide to the neighborhoods of Manhattan, with each store a reflection of its surroundings," he wrote on his blog Starbucks and the City.


Reviews include notes on clientele (SoHo obviously gets the tourists), vibe, and coffee, and the rating system ranges from one cup to five (five being stellar). Helpful notes include, "This is the type of Starbucks you bring a book to. Leave that friend or significant other at home," which means we'll be scouting the blog to find where to get free Wi-Fi without the crowd. This is a much better project than, say, the man who vowed to masturbate in every Starbucks bathroom in the city.