Man Arrested for Allegedly Feeding Girlfriend Pomeranian

A California man was arrested for allegedly cooking his girlfriend’s dog

A California man has been arrested for allegedly killing and cooking his girlfriend's pomeranian.

In a truly terrible story out of California, a man was arrested this week for allegedly cooking his girlfriend’s dog and feeding it to her without her knowledge.

According to NBC, Ryan Eddy Watenpaugh was arrested Thursday for animal cruelty after his girlfriend told police that he had killed her pomeranian, Bear, and fed him to her. The woman said she and Watenpaugh had been dating, but that they had split up after an argument, after which the pomeranian disappeared. The couple briefly reconciled last weekend over a dinner cooked by Watenpaugh, which he said at the time was pork.

Later, however, Watenpaugh texted his girlfriend to ask how her dog had tasted. He also left a pair of the dog’s severed paws on her doorstep.

"It’s sad, that if indeed the dog was killed as part of this incident, because dog as you know they are innocent all they want is affection and love," police sergeant Todd Cogle said. "For someone to take advantage of that innocence is obviously sad and depressing."

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Watenpaugh has been arrested, and police are testing the animal’s remains. Watenpaugh confessed to delivering the severed paws, but denies actually killing and cooking the pomeranian.