Man Arrested After Abandoning Truck of Frozen Chicken

A fugitive has been arrested after abandoning 37,000 pounds of meat
Wikimedia/ Biswarup Ganguly

Police have found the man suspected of abandoning 37,000 pounds of rotting chicken meat at a Montana truck stop.

Police in Idaho have finally tracked down and arrested the fugitive allegedly responsible for leaving a giant truck of frozen chicken meat to fester in the sun outside a truck stop.

According to Gawker, Christopher Hall used to work for the Dixie River Freight Co. While hauling a truck containing 37,000 pounds of frozen chicken meat worth approximately $80,000, Hall got the bright idea to hold his cargo for ransom, and he called his employer and demanded more money to continue his delivery. When the employer refused, however, Hall reportedly just left the trailer and frozen carcasses at a truck stop in Montana.

The chickens did not stay frozen for long. By the time authorities found the truck on Tuesday, it was dripping “rancid juices” and covered in flies. The truck was reported missing on August 27, so it could have been sitting out in the sun for an entire month. It has since been towed to a landfill and disposed of.


Hall has been arrested by police, but not for anything to do with the missing chicken truck. He was actually picked up for a parole violation, but could now face new charges for the ill-fated frozen chicken caper.