Mama’s Perfect Brunch

A boozy way to welcome the morning with friends

We’ve made day-drinking that much easier

Breakfast is inarguably one of the most important meals of the day. Not only does it provide the fuel for the long day ahead, but it also sets the tone for how the day is going to feel. Make sure your day starts off on the positive side by throwing a brunch for some of your closest friends. Now, add just a touch of booze and really — could it get any better?

Well, it could if it featured some of the interesting breakfast-flavored cocktails from Mama Walker’s.
Mama Walker's developed a menu of breakfast-inspired liqueurs that includes wild flavors like Maple Bacon, Blueberry Pancake, and Glazed Donut.

To learn how to master these unique flavors at brunch, we chatted with Sarah Sercia, associate brand manager at Pernod Ricard, to make sure you host the best boozy brunch of all!

The Daily Meal: What are the key elements to hosting a brunch?

Sarah Sercia: Good food, good drink and good company! Make sure there is plenty of food to choose from, a good variety keeps things fresh. Fun signature drinks keep people happy alongside the staples — coffee, tea, and fresh juices. And good company, well that goes without saying

TDM: What are the best staples for a next-day brunch?

S.S.: You definitely do not want to overindulge as you most likely did the night before, so keeping it on the light side would be key. A Maple Bacon Mimosa and an egg-white omelette with a little leftover turkey could be a nice way to start out. If you’re not feeling full, a Mama’s Ruby Shoes will always do the trick — it is the Breakfast of Champions.

TDM: Do you have any tips for setting up a DIY breakfast station?

S.S.: I think it is important to have a variety of items to keep it interesting. For food, having lots of choices of meats and vegetables to mix in for an omelette is nice and keeping a waffle-maker handy is a nice touch, and then having homemade whipped cream and fresh fruit for the toppings can always keep a smile on guests' faces. For drinks, fresh squeezed juice is key and the only way to go for orange and grapefruit, and Absolut Vodka and Mama Walker Maple Bacon are good mixers for those. Apple cider would be a nice addition, and adding in anything from the portfolio of Kahlua would be a nice energizer in the morning. Flavored water with cucumbers and limes and French-pressed coffee goes a long way as well.

TDM: These liqueur flavors are so interesting! Can you tell us a little bit about their development?

S.S.: The inspiration really derives from the opportunity to exploit the trend in sweet shots. [The idea of] a blast to the past and retro spirits had not been tapped into too much in regard to liqueurs — and so Mama Walker's was introduced. The flavors introduced — Maple Bacon, Blueberry Pancakes and Glazed Donut — were created to bring back memories of some flavors you experienced growing up. Having these liqueurs at 70 proof really bring out the flavors of the other components when mixed and does not compromise quality and taste when drinking straight or mixed in a cocktail.

TDM: Can you cook with any of these flavors? And how?

S.S.: I would leave the cooking for Mama to do — and use these flavors as an addition to your favorite ice cream flavor, or mixed in with heavy whipping cream to make a flavored whipped cream for dessert.

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