Mallomars: The Cookie That Plays Hard To Get

Jackets, boots, painfully chapped faces— fall is here.  That means different things to people: back to school for some, the end of summer-fresh produce for others, but most importantly, it marks the return of The Best Cookie Ever: Mallomars.

That's right, that decisively perfect ratio of crumbly graham bedding, stick-to-your-lip marshmallow, and crackable enrobing of dark chocolate, is back on shelves after a summer break.

As you may know, Mallomars are a seasonally-limited product. They don't push a holiday like candy corn or canes– they're just temperature-sensitive. At least, that's what Nabisco wants us to believe. According to experts at Extreme Chocolate, Nabisco puts a freeze on production from March to September to protect the delicate nature of the chocolate.

"Wait," you're saying, "I can have ice cream in the summer. That melts."

It's safe to assume the higher-ups at Nabisco know about advances in refrigeration.  Then why aren't Mallomars available all year long? Simple: Those smart cookies in the Nabisco Toronto factory seem to be using a little thing called "hard to get."  The lure of this hard to get product has worked since 1913.  It's why the largely New York fan base (70% of Mallomars consumers) await these treats with unwavering anticipation every October.  It's why Peter Griffin sold his soul. It's why Tony almost whacked Paulie in Season Two.  It's why this guy opened a YouTube account.

While some enthusiasts are bent on breaking down the methodology of breaking down the cookie, we trust you can figure that out.  Like Reese's, there's no wrong way. Besides, it isn't so much how you eat it, just that you can.

While Mallomars reign supreme on any list of questionable seasonality, there are other unexpected treats that are limited to this time of year:

Tim Tams  They've made it all the way from Australia, but can't quite seem to make it through the blazin' New York summers. Apparently they're talking to the same refrigeration company as Nabisco.  

Kettle Chips  Nothing warms up a winter chill like a fireplace Stilton and Port?  This Kettle Chips seasonal flavor is even more exclusive than Mallomars. It's only sold from October to December, and it can't be found outside the UK.

White Chocolate Raspberry Creamer  We get it, sort of.  White is reminiscent of winter, right?  But isn't raspberry a summer fruit? At least you have something to ponder over your next cup of Joe.

Grandma's Cookies Limited Edition Cinnamon Sugar  Let's face it Grandma, cinnamon and sugar are readily available year-round.  Shouldn't your cookies be?


According to the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade (NASFT), traditional fall flavors (squash, pumpkin, and sweet potato) are one of five major food trends this year, alongside great vinegars, Indian products, grains, nuts and seeds, and handcrafted local heritage foods.  So while the more predictable fall-themed products are a dime a dozen, we can't deny the trend.  Here are some that are worth a mention:

Chipotle Pumpkin Seasonal Salsa  This smoky, spicy rendition of the classic dip is pulled from Rick Bayless' creative kitchen at Frontera Foods.

Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce  Dave's Gourmet sauce is an ode to fall that has been awarded Outstanding Pasta Sauce by NASFT.

Sweet Potato Butter  This multi-purpose butter from Low Country Produce is as local as it is seasonal.

Butternut Squ  ash Tart  Every chef on the internet seems to have a recipe for this savory dish.

Sweet Potato Pie Tasting Bar  How overdone is pie in pie form?  Why not try DeBrand Chocolatier's pie in a chocolate bar?