Malaysia McDonald's Confuses Us with Chicken McRib

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This does not sound good
Chicken McRib | Malaysia
McDonald's Malaysia

Because this is what happens when everyone wants something new.

McDonald's Malaysia decided that a McRib is so popular, they would bring it to Malaysia. But of course, since Malays are Muslim, pork is off the table, and they decided to make Chicken McRibs instead. Which doesn't seem to be going so well.

As Grub Street notes, not many tasters are a fan of the new version, which is reportedly a "juicy ribbed chicken patty cooked to perfection," slathered with "sweet & tangy barbecue sauce, zesty pickles and slivered onions wrapped in a warm, cornmeal bun — just one of so many reasons why the Chicken McRib is awesome!!" Despite that raving marketing copy, many customers are disappointed, because even though there's no pork option, some would prefer beef or lamb. Others are comparing the patty to a "giant McNugget."

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The Chicken McRibs are only available for a limited time (from 11 a.m. to 4 a.m., the website specifies), which means "tasting one is like catching a glimpse of a falling star. Or Big Foot." Right. Except you have to pay for these.