Making Sushi With Michael Schulson

The self-proclaimed "white guy making Asian food," Michael Schulson, took us through a 45-minute tableside crash course in sushi making as we dined at his Borgata restaurant, Izakaya. Here's what we learned from the best:

1. It's All About the Nori
Higher-end packs of 60 sheets can run you up to $250, while the lower-end versions come in around $25. If it smells super fishy, the quality of the Nori likely isn't on that higher end.

2. Keep it Small and Loose
We all got a little ambitious and tried to pack in an extra piece of avocado or a little too much rice, but the secret is to keep things light and fluffy, and to use ingredients sparingly. Extra tip: don't roll it too tight. There's an art to the pressure you apply, and it takes practice.

3. Sushi Rice is Simply Complex 
Sushi rice is made with vinegar, sugar, and salt, and it is super sticky. When you palm it while you're loading up your roll, make sure you use water. And when you give a sushi demonstration, you might want to lay a splash mat down under the table. Black carpeting, white sticky rice, and sushi-rolling amateurs can only lead to one thing: a serious steam cleaning.