Make Your Own Sriracha and More Recipes

In today's Weekly Recipe Review, savory hand-pies for Super Bowl parties, plus deep-dish chicken pot pie

Check out our editors' picks for the best recipes from food sections around the country.

NY Mag
The only good thing about winter: Citrus season. Pink grapefruits, blood oranges, and Meyer lemons all meld in this citrus salad.

LA Times
Make your own Sriracha-style hot sauce to impress your friends.

NY Times
This super healthy broccoli and celery soup might be just what we need for a good cleanse.

SF Chronicle
Stop it: roasted apples, Brussels sprouts, and potatoes with whipped Parmesan. Sold.

Learn to roast a whole salmon instead of just buying steaks or fillets.

Chicago Tribune
Chili might be king at Super Bowl parties, but handheld, meaty, savory pies? Genius.

Seattle Times
We're not too fond of the word "healthy" being tagged onto "risotto," but this recipe might turn us.

Kitchen Daily
Cold weather always has us hankering for chicken potpie. Deep-dish chicken potpie is definitely the answer.

Portland Press Herald
Pie gets reimagined in this savory breakfast pie recipe, complete with goat cheese, spinach, and mushroom.

Washington Post
Why yes, you can freeze rice. How? Discussion here.


Wall Street Journal
Forget carrots, celery, and subpar egg noodles: this Burmese chicken noodle soup beats out canned soup any day.