Make-Your-Own Holiday Place Cards Slideshow

Painted Pine Cones

This DIY is simple and chic, with a touch of the great outdoors. Dip real or faux pine cones in a little paint color of your choice — try gold or silver glitter for holidays, neon colors for a girls’ luncheon, or bright colors for kids’ parties — and tuck your card into the pine cone to hold it in place and help it stand up straight. 

Cookie Cards

Tis the season for cookies, cookies, and more cookies! So why not incorporate them into your table setting? Whether for a holiday party, cookie exchange party, or the kids table at dinner, these decorated sugar cookies are a sweet treat thats (almost) too cute to eat.

Wine Corks

Start saving your old wine corks — this DIY is a must-try! With little place cards perched inside wine corks (just cut a slit into the cork wide enough for the card) it’s the perfect little party piece for a wine and cheese gathering or after work cocktail party.

Chalkboard Cards

Chalkboards aren't just for classrooms anymore — the resurgence of the chalkboard brought with it a homey and rustic feel, and there’s no better spot for that than your table. Pick up some pre-made chalkboard cards or buy some chalkboard paper and cut into shapes to fit the style of your party. The best part? Erase the names and save them for the next party!

Holiday Greens

Pick up a few stray pine needle branches (use leftovers from trimming your Christmas tree!) and attach a cute personalized tag to the branch with ribbon or twine. Place one everyone’s plate at the table for a truly festive place card.

Personalized Aprons

These are perfect for a mess-free kid’s baking or cookie decorating party. Have the aprons on the back of the chairs so the kids can find their seats. Then, the kids can put their apron on and have some food fun!

Ornament String

This do-it-yourself craft is so pretty it can double as décor. String some garland across a doorway or in another open space and fill with little bright holiday ornaments. Write names on them or attach little tags, and let the guests pick their seats. Mix it up and put the ornaments on the tree and let your guests have some fun finding them.

Scrabble Tiles Place Cards

Channel your inner word nerd! Scrabble tiles are a super creative and cute way to create an inviting place card for your guests — and everyone knows there’s nothing better than a post-dinner game of Scrabble to settle the stomach.