Make Your Own DIY Pizza Bar

Remember when you were a kid and got invited to all of those amazing birthday pizza parties at your local pizzeria? Certainly pizza has made an appearance at several parties since then, whether they were devoured upon delivery or passed out with beer for an easy meal. Turn pizza up a notch by converting this popular party-food into the ultimate DIY food bar. With a few essential ingredients and tools, you can have the tastiest DIY bar around, perfect for any small party!

The Set Up
The tools you need are fairly simple. Set up a long table with a red checkered picnic tablecloth to make it feel like an old-world pizzeria. You'll need a toaster oven for warm pizza, servingware, and a few silver pans for an authentic pizzeria look!

The 'Dough'
The cool thing about pizza is that there are so many ways to enjoy it. Prepping individual doughs for a party may be too much work, but you can use tortillas, bagels, and pitas to make your pizza bar complete!

Essential Toppings

Get creative with your pizza accessories by offering an array of sauce and cheese choices. Make sure you have fresh vegetables diced (it will make topping mini-pizzas easier) and keep the meat toppings to pre-cooked options like pepperoni and salami!

And if you are looking to make a homemade whole pizza pie, check out this Simple Spiced Whole Wheat Pizza Dough Recipe.