Make Your Christmas Tree Drool-Worthy With These Food-Centric Ornaments Slideshow


Hang this six-pack of beer from Sur La Table in honor of the tailgate lover or the beer pong champ in your life. $25


For the charcuterie-obsessed or for your favorite Italian friend, this salame ornament from Sur La Table is perfect! $17

Eggs Benedict

What's more holiday-appropriate than a fantastic family brunch? It doesn't get more classic than an oozy, savory dish of eggs Benedict. Hang this one from Sur La Table on your tree for $20.

Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese

We're hanging this one from Sur La Table on our tree for the bagel connoisseur in our office, senior editor Arthur Bovino. Luckily for us, this isn't a real bagel or we'd be in for a lecture on how we should be eating them — spoiler alert! — not toasted. $15

TV Dinner

For the nostalgic or merely for the TV fanatic in your life, hang one of these faux-frozen dinner ornaments from Sur La Table. $20


There's nothing like New York City's Fifth Avenue during the holidays and there's nothing more Fifth Avenue than Henri Bendel. Hang one of their signature ornaments, a bottle of rosé champagne to ring in the new year. $24


We're kind of nuts over bacon here at The Daily Meal, but then again, who isn't? Bacon will never be over in our book. Hang this one for the love of the good stuff. $20

Ice Cream Sandwich

Can't decide between chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry? Neither can we, so let's not pick just one with this ice cream sandwich ornament from Ornaments 2 Remember. $30.99


Add a little "BAM" to your tree with this Swarovski crystal tomato ornament by Emeril Lagasse for HSN. All proceeds benefit the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. $19.95

Gumball Machine

Warning: the gumballs inside this classic machine aren't real. We don't want any lost teeth over this cute candy fix from Urban Outfitters. $10


What's another favorite of ours? Sushi. Hang a maki roll from Urban Outfitters on your tree in honor of the Japanese staple. $10