Browser Extension Swaps Trump’s Face With Cheeseburgers

Australian burger restaurant releases “Make Trump Burger Again”
Replace Donald Trump's face with cheeseburgers


An Australian burger chain invented a browser extension that replaces the face of president-elect Donald Trump with photos of delicious cheeseburgers.

People who wish to never again have to see the face of president-elect Donald Trump could now have their wish, thanks to an Australian burger restaurant that responded to the results of the 2016 presidential election by making a Chrome extension that swaps the future president’s face with a photo of a delicious cheeseburger.

According to Gothamist, the “Make Trump Burger Again” extension was created by Australian burger restaurant Mr. Burger. Users who install the extension will soon find that they can browse the Internet, and as far as they’re concerned, all photos of Donald Trump will be gone. Instead, they’ll just see a variety of delicious cheeseburgers.

“Today we tried to make the Internet great again!” the chain tweeted out on Friday when they released the extension.

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When Donald Trump becomes president of the United States, his face will be guaranteed to be all over the internet for at least the next four years. For users with this extension installed, they’ll just have to get used to the sight of hamburgers all over their political coverage.