Make it a Bite Dad Will Never Forget with Neuhaus

Ali Rosen finds out which chocolates are fitting for Father's Day at Neuhaus
Father's Day Chocolates
Make it a Bite Dad Will Never Forget with Neuhaus
Ali Rosen

Let's think logisitics here. Your father doesn't want a tie, he doesn't want to go golfing, he'd rather have dinner at home with the family—so, what do you get him? We're thinking chocolates. 

The Daily Meal's video producer, Ali Rosen visited Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate and found assortments that are divinely decadent and equally manly.

For men, it's best to go for dark chocolate as that's usually their favorite due to it's richness. Neuhaus has a collection filled with a variety of liquors including Glenfiddich, Cointreau, Absolut Vodka, Havana Club and Remy Martin.

For the wine lover, there's an alternate group called the Sommelier Collection, which is an assortment that comes with a brochure of wine pairings for each morsel. 

As for packaging, we know the gentlemen like to keep things sharp and refined, so Neuhaus has leather packaging in both light and dark shades of brown with a simple monotone ribbon. Leather packing, dark and light—a simple bow in a monotone color. No big bows—we have to keep it cool, you know. 

For accompanying gifts to enjoy with chocolate, the Belgian brand suggests enjoying it to a nice CD, perhaps jazz would be fitting for a Dad who likes all the best things: good wine, great chocolate, and fine tunes.