Make a Difference on Your Next Vacation with Six New Expeditions by Earthwatch


We're always being told that we should become more green, save endangered species and protect important habitats, but we never really know how to go about it. Environmental charity, Earthwatch is ready to not only tell you how, but show you. Since 1971 the organization has conducted 1,400 conservation research expeditions, turning these overwhelming ideas into reality for thousands of people.

They've recently announced six new excursions in 2014 and are looking for people to join expert scientists in some of the most exotic locations around the world. Volunteering and vacationing just became one and the same.
Swim with Sea Turtles in the Bahamas

  • Spend 10 days snorkeling around Cape Eleuthera, Bahamas with the endangered hawksbill and green sea turtles
  • Collect data from the turtles' habitats so researchers and government leaders can ensure the location's protection
  • Accommodations, home-cooked Caribbean and American meals, and wireless Internet included
  • Contribution: $2775-$2995

Track Beavers Through German Waters

  • Spend seven days in Emmerich, Germany floating along the Rhine River searching for beavers
  • Collect water and dirt samples, record signs of their presence, and help determine the local population in order to manage their environmental impact
  • Accommodations for solo travelers and groups available near the countryside
  • Contribution: $2225-$3675

Exploring Lions and their Prey in Kenya

  • Spend 14 days on the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, Africa learning how the emergence of lions to the savanna has affected large herbivore population and the tourism industry
  • Collect data from the lions' radio collars and track the movement of their prey in order to save both species from destructive actions by landowners
  • Accommodations for solo travelers and groups available; Kenyan coffee, local fruit and veggies provided
  • Contribution: $3775

Tracking Costa Rica's Mammals

  • Spend 10 days in San Isidro, Peñas Blancas, Costa Rica learning how local agriculture affects adjacent forests and its wildlife
  • Interview farmers and track mammals like tapirs, foxes and monkeys to understand how they are all intertwined to protect the forests and bolster diversity of species in the area
  • Accommodations in the rainforest, wireless Internet and guided nature walks included
  • Contribution: $2575-$2775

Protecting The Rivers of Chile's Wine Region

  • Spend eight days in Colchagua Valley, Chile working in the riverbanks studying the Chilean Mediterranean ecoregion located in the prosperous vineyards
  • Locate and identify bird and butterfly species, calculate greenhouse gas emissions and talk to Chilean vintners to determine the issues of this rare habitat so both its unique species and wine industry can thrive

  • Cabin accommodations and fresh Chilean food included
  • Contribution: $2495

Tracking Predators of the African Savannah
While the sixth expedition appears to have already filled up its 2014 dates, there are 46 more currently available and new ones continuously rolling out. Search for your ideal environmental journey under Earthwatch's categories of ocean health, climate change, archaeology & culture, and wildlife & ecosystems and filter by date, region and teen or adult trips. Then get ready to change the way you see the world and make a positive impact for its future.