Make the Best Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Ever

Rock you breakfast with this delicious sandwich

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Learn the secrets to the most amazing bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.

Start by choosing, warming, and buttering your bread. We like buttermilk biscuits but would let thick-cut white bread or a chewy ciabatta roll slide.
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Then, cook your bacon (thick-cut if you have it) until it’s nice and crispy. Then, set it aside on a wire rack to drain (don’t use a paper towel — the bacon can get soggy).
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You can use slices of cheese, but we like melting shredded cheddar cheese onto each piece of the bread — it guarantees perfectly-melted cheesy-goodness in every bite.
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If you’ve been eating your bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches with scrambled eggs or a fried egg, you’ve been missing out — make an over-easy egg. When you bite into the sandwich the yolk will break and cover the bacon and bread.  
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Don’t forget to throw a little hot sauce on your sandwich before you close it.
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And, if you can handle it, dip the entire sandwich into pancake batter and fry it in hot oil like this ham and cheese sandwich… breakfast perfection!
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(Credit: Flickr/Jocelyn & Cathy)

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