Major Lawsuit After Man Dies From Drinking Red Bull

A Brooklyn, NY man reportedly died after drinking a Red Bull and the consequence is a $85 million lawsuit

Though the cause of Cory Terry's death is unknown, some suspect that it may have been Red Bull.

Talk about big bucks.

According to Beverage Daily, thirty-three year, Cory Terry from Brooklyn, NY died after drinking a Red Bull following a basketball game. What’s suspicious is that it wasn’t rare for Terry to drink Red Bull; in fact, Beverage Daily called him “an avid Red Bull drinker” and “a healthy and active non-smoker.”

So what was it about that drink that caused Terry to “become light headed” and die? Ilya Novofastovsky, a New York attorney and the one who filed this $85 million lawsuit, claims that Red Bull has “extra stimulants more dangerous than a cup of coffee.”

However, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and health authorities think differently. The FDA says that they “know of no scientific evidence,” and the health authorities confirmed, “Red Bull is safe to consume.” 

The lawsuit is digging through past deaths also caused by Red Bull, totaling up to nine from 2004-2012.


We don’t blame Novofastovsky for filing the claim. Although we aren’t sure if the drink took Terry’s life it does make us think twice about swigging back a few Red Bulls when we start yawning at 3 p.m.