Maison Kayser's Sidewalk Café And Other News From New York's CB5 Meeting

Every month, New York's Community Board Five votes on liquor licenses and restaurant applications in the area that encompasses the Union Square area up to Midtown. Here is the latest restaurant and liquor license news:

Maison Kayser Bakery: The board recommends approval for the bakery's unenclosed sidewalk café with 18 tables and 38 seats.

Unnamed Restaurant's Storefront Renovation: The owner of the five-story building on 10 West 28th Street has the board's approval to replace the storefront. The building's lower floor will be used for a restaurant and the upper floors will be used as a residential area.

Viceroy Hotel: The hotel applied for a liquor license for their hotel, including the rooftop bar and lounge on the 29th floor. The community board recommends denial of the license application, unless the hotel follows regulations for their rooftop lounge. A board member mentioned that rooftop bars are "plaguing the city," and that more of these bars will pop up. "It's the Wild West right now. There are no rules and no laws in the book [regarding rooftop bars]," he said.

Outdoor Food Kiosk at Flatiron Plaza North: Applicant Alexander Massoud intends to file for a beer and wine license for an outdoor food kiosk on the North Plaza between 23rd and 24th Street. The kiosk is a food and beverage concession with ten tables and forty seats. The board recommends denial of the liquor license application unless the kiosk adheres to certain regulations.

The Goose: The board recommends denial of The Goose's liquor license for their ground floor restaurant and bar, unless they follow certain conditions. A board member said that the restaurant is a "giant win for the community."

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar: Buffalo Wild Wings wants a liquor license for their 554-seat restaurant and bar planned for Times Square. The board recommends denial of the license, unless the restaurant follows certain conditions.

Pillsbury's Breakfurt Strudel Workshop: The board approved of Pillsbury's "Breakfurt Strudel Workshop." The company is giving away free samples of the toaster strudel product on Tuesday, August 27th from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. in the North Plaza of Union Square Park. There will be strudel samples toasted by a 4 feet by 10 feet toaster machine. The event will have a three-piece German-style band, German dancers, a photo booth, and public picnic tables. The company will make a donation to the Union Square Partnership after the event.

CB5 Supports the Polystyrene Ban: The board voiced their support for the New York City legislation banning the use and sale of polystyrene (Styrofoam) products for food packaging.

Late-Night Farmer's Market Event at Union Square: On Wednesday, July 17th, Union Square's Greenmarket will be hosting a nighttime farmer's market from 4 P.M. to 8 P.M. In addition to local produce, event will feature food prepared by local restaurants, live music, family activities, and more.