Maia Sources The Rarest And Most Luxurious Vintage Hermès Bags For A Truly Covetable Collection

We'll be completely honest here—we're not big on used things. We prefer something shiny and bright that no one else has ever touched, let alone worn before. But our little rule doesn't hold true for everything. Vintage cars, furs or jewelry that are one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable pieces can still make us swoon as easily as the first time they graced a showroom. Most heirloom pieces are easy enough to come by, but those with a taste for the extraordinary only want the rarest of the rare—and for fashion mavens that means Hermès. Limited, sold-out bags are nearly impossible to come by, difficult to track down and insanely expensive—all perfect reasons for why we need one in our collection. For those looking to add more Hermès to their wardrobe, Maia might be the first and last stop on your search.