Madhouse Coffee: Your Ultimate Caffeine Fix in Las Vegas

Your Ultimate Caffeine Fix in Las Vegas

While many may flock to Las Vegas for a night they’ll never remember or a crazy, stiff cocktail, Madhouse Coffee Shop provides sin city with caffeinated brews that are as unique as the city itself. The shop, in true Vegas fashion, is open 24 hours a day and doesn’t even have a lock on its door. Colorful paintings adorn the colored walls inside the shop that also features a drive thru. In addition to traditional brewed coffees and teas, the shop features a menu boasting dozens of kinds of juices, smoothies, and specialty drinks including a Red Velvet Mocha and an Italian Style Hot Chocolate, two favorites of blogger Casino Boy. “While he could be lazy and just visit a Starbucks on the Strip at one of the many Vegas hotels, the trip to savor one of the specialty coffee drinks from MadHouse Coffee and support a small local Vegas business is worth the venture away from the Strip for both his taste buds and his wallet,” he writes on his blog.