'Mad Men'-Inspired Cocktails

Recipes to help you drink like your favorite 'Mad Men' characters

After a long hiatus, the much-anticipated fifth season of AMC’s TV series Mad Men is finally returning this Sunday, March 25.

This retro-chic drama is well known for its boozy backdrops, with characters seen imbibing at all hours and locations. Legions of devoted fans are known to mix cocktails as they "play along" at home, and there are even venues which hold bibulous Mad Men viewing parties.

The show was first set in the late 1950s, when drinks and cocktails were still very much in their classic state and it was customary, expected even, to drink at the [smoke-filled] office. We are all familiar with Don Draper’s Old Fashioned fixation and intrepid Peggy drinking everything from Brandy Alexanders to Stingers as she blazes her way in the workplace. Plus, who can forget little Sally Draper stirring up Tom Collins' for the adults at a dinner party? And, of course, there is always that decanter of scotch at the ready.

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— Amanda Schuster, TheSpir.it