Macy’s New York Flagship Getting Trattoria, Gelato

Both are coming to the newly renovated store’s 6th floor

The New York City flagship location of Macy’s, located on 34th Street and Sixth Avenue, has been undergoing an extensive and controversial $400 million makeover over the past year or so. As part of that project, the planners have decided to open some new eateries on the building’s sixth floor, and two of them were announced via press release within the past week.

The first will be a trattoria, run by Patina Restaurant Group, to be called Stella 34. It will focus on traditional Neapolitan fare, including authentic-style pizzas, antipasti, house-made pastas, and entrées baked in one of their three wood-burning ovens. Jonathan Benno, best known as chef at Lincoln Ristorante, helped to oversee the menu, and the restaurant’s head chef will be Jarett Appell, who has worked in kitchens all over Italy, including in a pizzeria in Naples. The restaurant will be opening some time next week.

Also in the works is the first location outside Florence of Gelateria Vivoli, which opened in Florence in the 1930s and has long been regarded as being among the city’s best. The shop will sell nine gelati (in flavors including cream custard, rice pudding, hazelnut, and honey) and three dairy-free sorbetti (flavors will include pineapple, pear, and tangerine). The flavors offered will rotate regularly.


Joining these two establishments is the already-open Cibi Ronda takeaway area, which sells pastries, sandwiches, and prepared items. The eateries will be accessible via a direct elevator located at the Macy’s entrance at Broadway and 35th Street.